App Obsession

I'll be the first to admit that I have a tendency to get overly excited over a new iPhone app and ooh and awe over it for all of 3 days and consider it the best thing ever and then completely forget it.  I thought I would revamp my whole life when I found an app that would help me track my "to-do" list.   I think I used it for maybe a week, mainly to check off when I drank all my water... It's still on my phone telling me I have things to do but I ignore it.

I was reading someone's blog (and I sincerely apologize if it was yours but I cannot for the life of me remember where/when/who... this another one of my "issues": mommy brain) and she was discussing this app called "Lose It". 

Just a little discussion before I discuss what this app does: 
I'm a healthy girl.  I'm not obsessed with losing weight and to be honest I like eating a little too much to really care..... BUT.....  if you had to ask, I would love to be able to lose the final 10 pounds I gained while producing these...

So being the type that loves to download free apps, I searched for this Lose It app and immediately installed.  Here's what it looks like.


It's an amazingly simple concept.  You enter in what you eat, you enter in your exercise, you enter in your goals and it either tells you "Sure, you can eat some more" or like it did to me last night "No more eating for you fattie" (no - I'm just being silly... I'm in no way fat.)

And I know that 115 might be too lofty of a goal but for now, I'm gonna try.  Amazingly I weighed 105 when I met my husband... no way in hell that is ever going to happen but I'd love to get halfway there.

Anyone else feel like something new is going to be the thing that gets you back on track?  Is there any app you are currently loving and like to share?? 

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  1. Your kids are so stinking cute!

    I used to use Lose It, but I liked myfitnesspal better, plus they have a community online which I liked. Either way, it worked for me but I felt so deprived sometimes!

    Good luck tho!