Alright, you can go look over at the new blog now... it's still not beautiful or in anyway updated by I'm trying when I have a free moment. 

My summer is officially over (yes I know it's technically not here...).  I finished up my two classes in May and I'm now starting the summer hell.  I just got my book for my first class and realized I have to read four chapters, do four chapters worth of homework, four quizzes and one test by FRIDAY at 9PM.  Uh...hello!  So needless to say, I've spent the days reading and doing lovely accounting work... Woot. 

I did have a group run on Saturday.  I opted to start at 6 am since we had a tee ball game at 9.  It's a little bit of a drive over to where we run so I typically give myself an hour to get up and get going...so I was up at 5.  (sadly its my normal time to wake up)

Look at me learning how to use the timer....
We did 7 miles and while my pace isn't all I wanted it to be, it was so nice because I ran with a new friend and we chatted the whole time.  I really didn't mind as long as we ran the whole 7 miles, which we did.  She was so excited because it's a new distance for her... can't help but be excited too.

The rest of the weekend we did normal weekend stuff.  Tee ball at 9, lunch with inlaws, then errands, cleaning, pool time, the usual stuff...  In a surprising move, I actually made dinner tonight... I suppose I can do one meal, Greek grilled chicken kabobs and rice.  The kids don't eat it of course but the hubs and I love it.

I'll leave you with this picture of my tech family.  Dad has his iPad out and each kiddo has an iPhone they are playing on...

Who's up for a game of Words with Friends?
Go look at the new site... don't look at the about page.  Haven't gotten that far yet!

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