Tuesday torture and some proud mommy stuff

So the running group is now starting up Tuesday night speed workouts.  Last night was our first session.  The idea was to let us get some "base" mileage before doing the torture.   Let's set the stage here.  We meet at a local high school at 6:30.  It's Houston so it's very very very hot.  My car said 95 when I was driving down the road.  After some talking we got to work...  The start of our workout this week consisted of:

10 minute run warmup
group stretches, high knees, butt kickers (whatever those are called)

At this point were were told we were going to do hill work.  I don't know of many actual hills in Houston so instead of running up and down actual hills, we ran up and down bleachers.  We did this for about 20 minutes or so... I'm not going to lie, it was rough.

Then we proceeded to cool down;

10 minute run cooldown
more group stretches
then just to screw with us - 10 push ups and 20 sit ups

I was covered in sweat by the end but felt relatively invigorated.  Not feeling much pain today surprisingly.

I also wanted to post my proud mommy moment.  Little guy graduated from Pre-Kinder last week and here is a picture of him in his handmade hat... 

I'm so glad we don't have to wear uniforms anymore!!!
Yes, over to the left of little man is a "drawing" and the words Potty Success...  Little girl needs encouragement :)  (her prizes are shoes... she's such a girl at such an early age.)


  1. Awwww! Congrats to your little guy. Do our kids go to the same school?? (well, in different states) (B goes to Primrose - that looks like a Primrose shirt!)I'm a little sad that we are done with uniforms - now there's a clothes battle every other morning. *sigh*

    Training at that time of night sounds insane!!

  2. Cute hat! And way to go with the running group, that's awesome... although I hate hill work (Terry Hershey park totally has hills) and I feel like I'd die from all that!

  3. @CRL - Yes we are Primrose lovers here. Such an exceptional school (of course it better be after all the money we shell out). H is happy uniforms are over because he hated the buttons on the shirts. Now we just make him pick out all his "outfits" on Sunday night, we do that with his sister already so it wasn't anything new to us.

    (I'm thoroughly annoyed with Blogger because it wouldn't let me comment on my own dang blog.)

  4. Yay for Primrose! Thankfully they DO make it worth it for the money. L starts there in August.

    Good idea about the outfits! I might have to start doing that. Who knew a 5-year old (well, almost 5) could be SO dramatic about clothes?

    (I switched to Wordpress BECAUSE of Blogger's commenting system. It sucks!)