You want to know about me?  Lovely!

I am a sometimes silly, sometimes serious mom to two quirklets.  I took up running after having aforementioned quirklets to rid myself of the dreaded baby bump. (it's still there in some fashion in case you were wondering..)  I ran track and cross country forever ago in high school and always enjoyed the time and comradery of the track team.  (Helps that both of my best friends ran track with me.)  One of my life goals was always to have run a marathon by the time I was thirty.  Well....  I got to be nearing my 30th birthday and was like.... okay, let's tone that down to a half marathon.   I ran my first half marathon shortly after my 30th birthday... (okay 4 months but really, it's close right?)  I've since added 2 more to that tally.  The plan is to tackle a full marathon in November.  I'm all signed up and training starts soon.  In the effort to have full disclosure, I should also warn that I'm SLOOOWWW. 

I did all that for this sad thing?  Poo.  (Also, I was sick during this, I don't stuff my bra.)

In addition to my running, I keep a full schedule.  I think I like to torture myself.  I work full time as an accountant and I'm currently going to school part time to complete the remaining hours necessary to take the CPA exam.  It feels like I've been in school forever.  I got my BS in Mathematics (I know, math dorko.)  Tried to become an actuary... couldn't pass the test...  Somehow it got "discovered" that I had an actual brain and someone had me start doing some accounting work.  Turns out I'm pretty good at it.  So with my MBA behind me, I've decided the next step is the CPA credentials.

My babies are a huge part of my life (so is the hubby of course but he's bashful).  Both of my kids are named after characters on TV.  One was on purpose, one wasn't.  The first is my handsome boy who was named after a cantakerous football coach that was portrayed on a television show that aired in the 90s.  The second is my little angel girl who happens to share the name of a popular red head that once appeared on a very popular medical drama only to get her own popular medical drama.  Both my kids are huge supporters of my running and often comment "Mom, how far you running today?"  They love to throw out mileage they think I should run, like "How about 52 miles mommy?"  yeah, right.

They are thinking... after this we are so getting ice cream

I'm hoping you will enjoy your time spent on my blog.  I'm in no means an expert, and if anything, I hope you can find the humor in all my little quirks.