Go Go night runner....

I'm a night runner.  I don't do mornings.  I have to roll myself out of bed at 5 AM as it is to complete my minimal amount of stuff before me and the kiddos have to roll out of the door at 6:30.  I will never be one to run in the early morning hours... at least not on weekdays.  Last night, I got out of the house at 9:20 for a 35 min tempo run.  Just cause I'm curious, I checked the temp as I was walking to my "start" point (and waiting for the garmin to snag a satellite).  It was a lovely cool 94 degrees...  AT 9:20 PM... in the dark! 

I managed to knock out the tempo run surprisingly.  I did 10 minutes warmup at around 11:30 pace and then 15 minutes at around a 10:30 - 10:15 pace and the final 10 minutes at 11:30.  My overall pace for the whole schebang was 10:50.  Not too bad for this old slowpoke. 

Since I've been tracking my calorie intake, I purposely made sure to watch what I was eating all day cause I desperately needed ice cream.  In case you were wondering, this is what I "spent" my extra 400 calories on....

One cup... you know I measured.  Ignore the birthday cake in the background, so many temptations.
Having a math degree and being employed in an accounting position, you know I have to be accurate.  Nothing about this calorie counting thing has been estimated or guessed...  I'm all about precision baby. 

And the ice cream was heaven... thinking about doing some exercise tonight so I can indulge again... I don't know if I'm that motivated.

I've always been motived by food... when I was pregnant I made deals with myself.  One time around the neighborhood, one popsicle, two times, two popsicles... kinda explains my weight issues during pregnancy huh?

What motivates you?  Food?  Clothes? Music?  Come on, tell me!


  1. I am so a night runner too. I'm too scared to run that late tho cuz it's so dark.. we should run together sometime! And mmm ice cream.

    Clothes motivate me. Mainly expensive ones I can't afford.

  2. @Stoppingfordaisies - We totally should run together some time... or get ice cream :)

    I had a freak out moment one time when I thought I was being followed at night... was just an old man that was lost.

    I love me some clothes but I'm pretty cheap. I'm a sucker for a sale...or Ebay.

  3. I am motivated by clothes...especially jeans and tank tops!