Tired Tuesday

Tuesdays suck for me.  I usually don't get to bed early enough on Sunday night so I wake up Monday tired but generally ready to get moving.  Then Monday night I still go to bed too late (either because of school or running) and Tuesday is when it always hits me.  My alarm is set to go off at 4:51 but I reset it to 5:30 this morning...

The interesting part of this is that I wasn't the only tired one this morning.....  What you can't see is that the TV is on to Disney and the lights are all on...

Careful Sally, don't fall off the couch
 Then when I tried to wake them up after the show was over to get dressed... This happened:

Ah, Sally got rescued

The both just rolled over and ignored me.  (You can even see a sleepy dog way way way in the background there...or maybe they are just waiting for me to feed them...)

I know you can't really see Sally all that well in these pictures so here is a better version.  Sally is my perfect third child... she goes everywhere with us, she's quiet, she doesn't eat much, she sleeps well...

Sally on the right (don't laugh at our sad TV)
Now you all better be hydrating and keeping cool during this summer!!!  If not, I'll send Add out to get you.. 

Do as I say, not as I do!!
Tonight is our second track workout.  Hope we all don't melt away in the heat. 

I know I need to update my training page, but I'm a lazy butt...  Maybe I can do that tonight, if I can fight off the hubs for computer time.

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  1. Sometimes I think we really ARE the same person in different locations! Tuesdays are hard for me too *yawn* and we actually had to wake both kids up today (WHY can't they do this on the weekend??).

    Hope you had a great track workout!!