I was running....

So last week I joined a group that is focusing on preparing for the San Antonio marathon (which I've been signed up for a long time ago).  The group gets together and does the long runs on Saturday and speedwork on Tuesday.  On Sunday we get our schedule for the running we are supposed to do while we are on our own.  (Speedwork won't start until later this month.)  Here's my schedule for this week:

Monday - 20 minutes easy
Tuesday - 25 minutes easy
Wednesday - OFF
Thursday - 20 minutes easy
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 3 miles (group run)
Sunday - OFF

Since I was sick on Monday and Tuesday, I think I'm going to double up those workouts and knock them out tonight.... and try out the Garmin.  I'm going to be a dork and wear the phone too and see which one (the Garmin or Nike+) is closer to actual mileage.  I think I'm going to have a hard time in the beginning phases of this training as the "on your own" runs are in minutes and not miles.  I've always tracked miles and planned miles.  I'm going to trust their knowledge and try to keep to their schedule as much as possible.  I've looked out to the future and am already nervous about the 21 mile run... sounds impossible.

On a different note.  Anyone read this today?


It's about a guy who died back in 1919 and didn't want any of his fortune to be distributed until his grandkids were dead.  The money is just now being divved up.  How royally pissed would you be with your parents if they somehow pissed off your grandpa so much that he wouldn't even give his money to the spawn of his own kids? 


  1. You got yourself a follower!

    Now do the boogie!!

  2. i love how the word "easy" is in there. Running is never easy for me, especially not running 20 minutes at a time. Have fun with the garmin, let us know how it goes!

    And dang, that's harsh.