Is this noticeable?

Think I can get away with wearing this all the time?  It's not that noticeable right? 

Quit reading that stuff in the background, that's proprietary information. Ha!

So the cold totally took over and I'm taking one more day off from running.. I feel like such a slacker.  Maybe I should work on my take home final that is due tomorrow... that'd be so unlike me doing something ahead of time.  OR I could go watch Glee...  Decisions decisions.

Any other Gleeks out there?  I'm also addicted to the Good Wife.


  1. Did you just get it?? Oh I'm jealous... I'm totally wanting a Garmin and think I might finally get one this month. Can't decide between the 305 (such great reviews), 405 (looks more like a watch) or the new 610 (touch... but so pricey!)

  2. I love the Good Wife! Also, I watch Glee, but lately it's been getting on my nerves. I'm kind of apprehensive about last night's episode since they supposedly covered the awful Friday song. Too bad I last my headphones and can't watch it until I get home!