What was I thinking?!?

Back early in the spring I decided to run this:

The race is held in Corpus Christi, Texas which is where I grew up and went to school at and ultimately where I met my husband.  It is also the hell hole Reese's so accurately describes.  I lived in the city from age 8 til almost 20 and I can honestly say I would never want to live there again.  Amazingly during the whole time of living there I never once witnessed this race, the Beach to Bay Marathon Relay.  So when my best friend's brother asked me if I'd like to be a part of his group I was like, sure... Seriously, I'm just a medal whore and I wanted another one... I figured this might be easy.  I forgot to think about what Corpus Christi is like during May. 

That's a LOW of 77 on Saturday.  A LOW of 77 that will probably happen around 4 am.  My leg of the race is probably going to be around 9:30 or 10 ish...  By then the sun will be up and blazing on me and making me wish for a swift death. 

So wish me luck, hope I don't die and I'll let you know how it goes.


  1. This sounds SO fun! Ok, maybe not fun when the low is 77 degrees (I feel your pain), but at least your leg isn't at 4:30pm!! (Seriously, people that run at that time are CRAZY and I see a lot of them). Good luck :)

  2. oh I'm kinda jealous, I totally want to be doing that, it looks like fun! Good luck, can't wait to hear how it goes!