Marathon training with USA Fit

Today was my first day to start marathon training.  I've signed up to train with USA Fit Cypress out here in the boonies of Houston.  I was previously a self trained idiot and decided that for the full marathon I was going to NEED someone to hold me accountable and basically tell me what to do.  I signed up for their annual membership so I'm going to be hurting all year long.  (the good hurt, I keep telling myself)

That's me in the middle in the purple.

Listening intently to the introductions
It was a good morning.  I met a bunch of great running people and am excited about starting training for the full marathon in November. 

We've been warned that our group organizer will hound us down if we don't have a hydration belt or some sort of way to keep hydrated.  Any recommendations?  I've always just thrown Gatorade or water in the grass around my loop and grabbed it as necessary when I ran past.


  1. Not sure if my previous comment posted.. if so, forgive the duplicate post!

    That's really neat that you joined that group, sounds like fun! Good luck!

    I was at Luke's Locker the other day and they have all sorts of hydration belts you might want to check out. I don't run far enough to need a hydration belt yet but I was thinking of getting one anyway, considering this horrible Texas heat

  2. Hey!! Thanks for stopping my blog Tara! We DO have a lot in common!! Fun!

  3. as a PT Lukes employee, I will 2nd the other comment. all kinds of hydration solutions out there. i would suggest a belt as opposed to a handheld.

    just remember wear low on your hips, like low rise jeans. if you wear it up around your waist its going to move A LOT and you're gonna be all chafed up.