Sick! Sick! Sick! and a Garmin

I hate being sick.  I'm gonna blame it on those kids at preK... must've been all those kid germs flying around the room and they finally got to me.  I can handle my own kids germs but the large crowd of kids kicked my immune systems butt!  Yesterday I went to work with no makeup, hair looking like a nest, and glasses... (no pictures, I don't exist when I'm sick.)  I went through so many tissues...  this is what my desk looked like.

Okay, not really, but I went through a lot of tissues.  The only saving grace of having a cold is the sneezing.  Maybe I'm a weirdo (and I probably am) but I love to sneeze.  I'm one of those people that does the one and a half sneeze, where it's like I get halfway through the sneeze and it just fizzles out. 

Last night I had to endure this head cold while taking my Advanced Accounting final.  I'm so glad that class is finally over, what torture.  I know the people I sit next to actually cringed when they saw me walking in with my red nose and a box of tissues.  Whatever people...

I broke down yesterday and bought myself a Garmin Forerunner 205.  It's out for delivery right now, I'm making sure to clear some time on my calendar today to play with it (at work).  You better believe this cold isn't getting in my way of going out tonight and testing it out. 

So, do you have a Garmin?  Do you love it?  I was using the Nike+ app on my iPhone but I'm annoyed with it.  How about sneezing?  Anyone love sneezing like me???


  1. Oh no, hope you feel better soon!

    Omg I totally want a garmin. I'm using the same app but I'm tired of it too. Can't decide which garmin to get... been saving up for the latest (610 touch screen) but debating on getting the 305 since it's affordable and has such great reviews..

  2. I am pretty much married to my Garmin 305. You'll love your Garmin! I'm glad I bought an older cheaper model because it is still fantastic and I didn't go broke.

    Feel better! That's a crazy pile of tissues!